Debit Cards and Cash Deposit Rental Policy

Allied Rent A Car accepts all major Debit Cards and Cash Deposit Rental. Customers are required to rent the vehicles for 3 days or more if renting with cash or debit card.

Cash or Debit Cards are only accepted for:

The travelers (out of state driver’s license) when proper travel documentation is presented at the time of rental (return airline ticket or copy of air travel documentation).

The locals with 5 references and a current utility bill with the customer’s name and address.

In addition, customers using a debit card will be subject to $8.50 per day surcharge and additional $300 security deposit. Customers using cash deposit will be subject to $9.00 per day surcharge and additional $300 security deposit.

We do not accept Prepaid Cards.

*** Please note cash deposits are accepted only at approved locations. ***