Rent A Car Late Night Open After Hours

Written By: Allied Rent A Car

 Do you have a late night flight and need a car but everyone is closed. Come to Allied rent a car we are one of the fewest companies that stay open until eleven o clock pm. Don’t have a reservation that’s ok we accept walk ins for our late night customers as well. We carry from compact all the way down to luxury and mini suv’s. when you think late night car rental think of allied rent a car.

Are you flying late into lax and need quick car rental pick up services, Allied rent a car is only 5 minutes away from lax airport. No reservation needed, when renting from lax allied Rent a Car all you need is your valid driver license to get started. Your reservation was cancel or simply they refuse you car rental service because you have bad credit, stop stressing over it, Allied Rent A Car is here to assist all of your lax car rental needs. Allied Rent a Car accepts 4 types of payment methods cash, prepaid, debit, and of course credit cards.

Do you need a vehicle and all rental places are closed, here at allied rent a car we stay open till 11 o clock pm. Don’t be stuck wondering if you wont be able to rent a vehicle late at night. We will be able to help you get your rental and have you on your way. Not only are we open late but we will give you the best rates we can whether it be daily weekly or monthly. Just come in or make a reservation online at